Stem Cells Therapy and Treatment in Ukraine

Stem Cells Therapy and Treatment in Ukraine

Chronic diseases treatment and restoring quality of life

Stem cell tourism is travel to acquire cell-therapy related healthcare. Stem cell treatment overseas is a modern direction in medicine, which is based on the use of donor or own cellular material for the purpose of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of various diseases, general recovery and extension of youth.

Stem cell treatment is the new official direction in medicine, which is provided on the legal basis in Ukraine.

By traveling to a location with more permissive regulations regarding stem cell treatments, a patient can avail themselves of treatments that may not have been previously available to them.

For many years Ukraine has been keeping the leading position in the world in the field of cryo-biology and cryo-medicine, ahead of the best world centers thanks to the methods of cryo-conservation of biological material developed by Ukrainian scientists.

The first cord blood samples in Europe were frozen in 1984 in Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian scientists were the first in Europe to begin to preserve the placenta (embryonic organ that binds the mother and fetus), since it is unusually rich in biologically active proteins, including stem cells.

Stem cells are predecessors of all other cells of a human body, and their unique ability to be transformed to any cages of bodies and fabrics is actively used in modern medicine. Stem cells provide healing of wounds, accretion of a bone tissue, updating of blood and the general restoration of our organism.

With age the quantity of stem cells in a human body decreases. If in infancy the ratio of stem and usual cells is made by one to several thousand, then, at the adult is one to several hundred thousands, and at advanced age is one to several million. If in our organism the constant quantity of stem cells is been remained – we would be forever young.

Our doctors work with both the patient’s own material and donor material and ready for each patient to draw up an individual treatment program that will be most effective in recovery.



Терапия стволовыми клетками с использованием стволовых клеток собственной жировой ткани пациента

  • Treatment of diabetes of any type
  • Neurologic diseases: Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Autism, Muscular dystrophies, Ataxia, Spinal muscular atrophy, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy
  • Liver diseases
  • Cardiac vascular diseases
  • Diseases of joints
  • Оphthalmology: Optic neuropathy, Retinal pigmental degeneration, Optic nerve atrophy, Glaucoma
  • Treatment of violations of the reproductive of men’s and women’s sphere
  • Anti-age therapy
  • Cellular cosmetology
  • Skin regeneration
  • Bioinsurance

STEM CELLS TYPES: Mesenchymal cells, Cells of the umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood, Placental cells, Spinal cord cells, Epithelial cells, Neural crest cells, Fibroblasts (cells of the epidermis), Endometrial cells, Exosomes (cells for hair growth), Neurotrophic cells

Stem cells therapy is a new effective method in modern medicine to cure disease in cases that were considered hopeless. Stem cells are widely used for the treatment of blood diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurological problems. Also stem cells therapy has also proved its effectiveness in treating diabetes mellitus, cerebral palsy, polyarthritis, and many other diseases and disorders.

The method of cell therapy offers fantastic opportunities for significant recovery, and often complete healing of patients with a variety of diseases. Modern biotechnologies make it possible to move to a qualitatively new level in the treatment of diseases of the human body, recovery, prolongation of youth.


Biotechnology of beauty and health

  • Storage of immune and stem cells
  • Anti-age using Bioidentical Hormone Pellets designed to address a myriad of problems that can arise from hormonal imbalances in both women and men. Implants, placed under the skin, release small, physiologic doses of bioidentical hormones just like those found normally in your body providing optimal therapy, focused on health and energy.

Stem cell rejuvenation

Regenerative and anti-aging technologies to ameliorate degenerative diseases. Anti-aging therapy optimizes quality of life by postponing the onset of age-related illness. Our stem cell programs are aimed at both the prevention of premature aging and age-related diseases and the maintenance of youthfulness. We offer novel anti-aging therapy using a natural, holistic approach.

The stem cells injection is indicated both to young people for prevention of the age-associated diseases, and to more mature people for rejuvenation, intensification of regenerating processes and correction of acquired pathology.


Treatment of diabetes of any type

Stem cells actively restore all tissues of a human body at the expense of what diabetes complications leave, production of own insulin increases, the sensitivity of fabrics to insulin increases, trophic ulcers heal, the general state of health improves.

The unique treating technique of diabetes mellitus with stem cells leads to better control of diabetes, will significantly reduce the disease symptoms and avoid serious complications.


Neurologic and Autoimmune diseases

There are a number of methods with proven efficiency combined with stem cell injections. This methods ​with high efficiency is applied at treatment of consequences of a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington disease, injuries of a spinal cord, a side amyotrophic sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy.
Efficacy of autoimmune diseases comprehensive treatment is confirmed by successful long-term experience in such patients treating.


Cardiac vascular diseases

Stem cells actively restore tissues of heart and stimulate regeneration of vessels, restore patients with diagnoses of hypertension, post-infarction cardiosclerosis, vascular atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, and critical lower limb ischemia.
Also with success are applied at: treatment of consequences of a heart attack, coronary heart disease, dystrophic damages of a myocardium.


Diseases of joints

Excellent results at treatment of injuries of bones and joints, arthritises, arthroses, degenerative changes of joints, diseases of intervertebral disks.
Treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells contributes to: regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue, reduction of pain syndrome, ligaments ealasticity, increase in motor and functional activity of the affected joint also modulates the hormonal and immune system, reduces inflammation and restores the work of vital organs.


Rejuvenation with your own fibroblasts

The innovative method of skin rejuvenation with its own fibroblasts is based on a simple idea – in order to make the skin younger, slow down its aging, it is necessary to maintain the number and number of fibroblasts in it at the level that is characteristic of young skin. It is fibroblasts that are responsible for the health and appearance of your skin.


Rejuvenation Program for Men

Regenerative stem cell therapy is to preserve the activity, health, energy and potency of a modern man for as long as possible, also on cleansing the body and its saturation with deficient vitamins and trace elements. This revolutionary treatment replenishes the body with a fresh supply of stem cells, which can help rejuvenate all of the body’s organs, including joints and the skin.


Stem Cells and Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Rejuvenation

New clinical trial results show that stem cells can restore erectile function. Due to activity of stem cells there is an increase in production of sex hormones, the libido and a potentiality raise, the ability to fertilization and conception improves. Our Rejuvenation Programs and Comprehensive fertility programs is non-surgical treatment options.

Treatment and Stem Cell Rejuvenation Abroad - How Much Do I Pay for It in Ukraine?

Stem cells therapy abroad. Treatment by stem cells is the future of modern medicine. The method of cellular therapy opens fantastic opportunities for considerable improvement or even full healing of patients with the most various illnesses. Modern biotechnologies open qualitatively new level in treatment of diseases of a human body, improvement, extension of youth.

Patients usually decide to have stem cell treatment overseas aiming to save on cost. In this respect Ukraine is the perfect country. Ukrainian prices are much lower than in the USA, UK and EU. At the same time patients receive great quality.

As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will contact clinic for analysis of your case. Also send us your medical reports so that the doctor makes the most clear treatment plan for you.

The cost of stem cell treatment will be calculated for each individual case. A patient should stay in the clinic from 3-4 days, depending on the procedure and your particular case. Online consultation with a doctor is FREE.

Our Clinic is equipped with modern instruments and has all the facilities for qualified treatment and rehabilitation.

We offer All Inclusive packages of medical services with free assistance by our Agency.

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7 Reasons to Come to Ukraine for Treatment with Stem Cells

  • In Ukraine SCT is absolutely legal and recognized on the governmental level

Stem Cells Therapy and Treatment in Ukraine - Medinconsult

  • In Ukraine there are credible medical centres that have already cured thousands of patients with stem cells
  • Ukrainian stem cell therapeutists help not only remove the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate the cause directly
  • The staff of Medinconsult will assist you all the time during your journey and medical care in Ukraine in order to make your treatment pleasant, careless and comfortable
  • Our lawyers will sign a contract with you and a clinic to ensure your confidence
  • Our staff will help you find the best specialists in health care who satisfy your needs and match your individual demands
  • Our physicians are highly skilled practicians who have got academic degrees, participate in activities of international associations in medicine, conduct research work

We are providers of medical tours to Ukraine. We arrange your treatment and stay in Ukraine, help book tickets and hotel room, guide you across the city, transfer you to the clinic and assist you 24/7 so that you feel comfortable in a foreign country.


1. Exclusive services for free

  • Transfer (airport-hotel-clinic)
  • Skype-consultations with a doctor
  • Mobil kommunikation i Ukraina
  • Visiting cultural places (theatres, museums), sightseeing, shopping, SPA with a guide.

2. Discount programs*
*Medinconsult Agency helps you get a discount at any clinic in Ukraine.

3. Individual confidential treatment
We find a trusted medical centre in Ukraine up to your budget and wishes, arrange your stay and treatment abroad on a turn-key basis and represent your interests before, during and after treatment.

4. Legal assistance
5. Interpretation services

Stem Cells Therapy and Treatment in Ukraine


Our company cooperates with exclusively authoritative clinics in Ukraine with sufficient experience and successful treatment histories, that are in the top of best medical centers in Europe.

As soon as we receive your request, we will contact the clinics to analyze your case. After that, you will be informed about the findings made by the doctor.

You can also schedule a meeting with the doctor via Skype to get a detailed personal consultation.

We offer affordable prices in Europe and competitive quality of services, the result of which will be your beauty and health!

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When ordering medical services, you receive also excursion programs and shopping tours as a gift. In addition to the treatment you can visit the beauty salons with magnificent interiors and high level of services, where you will be offered drinks and entertainment right during the beauty procedures.

Moreover, you do not have to think how to get from the airport to the clinic, book a hotel room – we will do it for you.

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