Reproductive Medicine in Ukraine

Reproductive Medicine in Ukraine

Highly qualified medical help and effective treatment

Are you looking for overseas fertility clinics? We will be happy to help you in this.

Most of people are planning to become happy parents when the right time comes. We offer the reproductive health clinics in Ukraine, where qualified professionals help their clients to experience the wonder of parenthood. Being a reputable fertility clinics in Ukraine, our clinics is highly appreciated by grateful clients both from Ukraine and abroad.

Our medical centers is a modern medical complex dealing with diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of infertility. The laboratorys works with high-quality equipment from Japan, the USA and Great Britain. Modern methods of assisted reproduction, used in the center, ensure pregnancy in almost all cases of male and female infertility.

In Ukrainian clinics you will find cheaper prices and legitimacy of IVF and other services related to women’s health and baby birth assistance.

If your budget is limited, pay attention to Ukraine in the first turn. Clinics throughout Ukraine are well established and have high standards of services.

Ukrainian clinics have developed and are applying various IVF programs that have been successfully carried out for many patients and have positive results. Our reproductive clinics is the leading clinics in Ukraine that offer both infertility treatment and are among the best overseas IVF clinics.

To achieve better results, in the our clinics works with highly qualified specialists in the field of infertility treatment.

Reproductive Medicine in Ukraine - Medinconsult

Women over 40 years

A woman’s age is the single most important factor that affects the chance of getting pregnant. More and more women are having children when they are 40 years or older. Some women have focused on their careers and other goals and are waiting with their dreams to have children. Others may have been ill or infertile and may have received treatment for a longer or shorter period of time.

Reproductive Medicine in Ukraine - Medinconsult | IPFToday, women also tend to wait to have children until they have completed their education, got a job and probably met their ideal partner.

The older you are, the harder it is for you to get pregnant. A woman’s fertility drops sharply from the age of 35 and before the age of 40. Therefore, we know that there is an increased risk of infertility when you are a woman over 40 years and the complex treatment is often necessary to get pregnant.

If you want to have children, it is therefore important to have fertility examinations and a medical assessment of whether it is possible for you to become pregnant. This saves a lot of time, and you can get started with the right treatment from day one. In our clinics we can give advice and help you. We have extensive experience and expertise in our clinics, new treatments also mean that we can now help more women. Foreign fertility clinics (treatment infertility abroad, fertility care abroad offer all types of treatment.


Infertility problems belong to very delicate and personal issues. They need solving, as the whole life and happiness of a family depend on the possibility to give a birth to a child. Understanding this, we provide you a comprehensive support on every stage of your medical care.


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Fertility Care

Our clinics had been working in the field of reproductive medicine for few decades already and has been dealing with numerous infertility cases of any complexity.



IVF is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. The procedure can be done using your own eggs and your partner’s sperm. Or IVF may involve eggs, sperm or embryos from a known or anonymous donor.


Egg Donation

We are proud to provide recipient parents with a large, medically & thoroughly screened in-house donor egg pool so they may find the best possible match.


Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored as a method to preserve reproductive potential in women of reproductive age. This is fertility preservation for women who wish to defer pregnancy electively.

Women undergo ovarian stimulation and oocyte retrieval to obtain eggs that can be frozen and thawed at a later time.


Cryotechnologies, cryobank

Cryopreservation of oocytes (ova) is a modern medical procedure, with which you can significantly increase the survival rate of embryos obtained in vitro. The procedure allows women at any age to feel the joy of motherhood.

The essence of the method is deep freezing of eggs in liquid nitrogen. Only good quality oocytes undergo cryopreservation. It is these eggs that can endure the freezing and subsequent defrosting procedure without any problems.


Infertility diagnosis

All types of diagnostics tests and assisted reproduction. Your first step is an in-depth physical evaluation and review of your family history, to help us tailor your treatment.

Our doctor can help you understand how IVF works, the potential risks and whether this method of treating infertility is right for you.


Our doctors provides high-quality medical service to Ukrainian as well as foreign clients.

This is a consultations of various specialists such as of gynecologists, embryologist, fertility specialists, andrologist.


Our fertility clinics in Kyiv offers all types of diagnostics tests and assisted reproduction methods such as IVF, ICSI, IUI and preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryo.

Our company has been cooperating with only reputable fertility clinics in Ukraine with enough experience and successful treatment histories, that are in the top of best medical centers in Europe.

As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will contact clinics for analysis of your case. After that you will be informed on the doctor’s conclusions.

We offer affordable prices in Europe and competitive quality of services, which result in growing your family!


Reproductive Medicine in Ukraine - MedinconsultIVF costs usually are based on a “cycle,” which involves one round of monitoring the patient’s monthly reproductive cycle, administering medications, gathering and fertilizing the eggs and implanting one or more embryos in the uterus.

Additional costs:
Prescreening is required to determine, if possible, the cause or causes of a couple’s infertility. Reproductive centres offer an overview of fertility tests.

UKRAINE, includes cryopreservation of biomaterials



* The price range displayed in the tables shows costs for all-inclusive treatment in Ukraine (includes cryopreservation of biomaterials) comparing to the similar options within other countries.

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2. Discount programs*
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3. Individual confidential treatment
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