Express Diagnosis for Men

Express Diagnosis for Men

Man’s Health

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Man’s Health
Period – 1 day (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Center for Diagnostic Medicine is certified according in accordance with International Standards – the leader among medical institutions in Ukraine

Express Diagnosis for MenIt’s no secret that most men don’t like doctor visits, or spending a lot of time obsessing over health-related issues. Our wellness tests are designed to help active, busy men establish a baseline for their health, detect significant risks, and provide early diagnosis of any key medical problems.


Primary counseling by general practitioner/doctor of family medicine — check-up of patient, collection of medical history, measurement of anthropometric parameters (height, weight, body mass index), determination of preliminary diagnosis.

  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs
  • Bladder and Kidney Ultrasound
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Prostate ultrasound (Transabdominal Ultrasound)
  • Scrotal ultrasound

Final counseling by general practitioner/doctor of family medicine — summing-up and evaluation of the tests results, determination of clinical diagnosis, development of strategy and tactics of treatment measures and issuing of the written medical report with recommendations.

We can offer any packages for a complete medical examination!