Bioidentical Hormone Pellets in Ukraine

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets in Ukraine

BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE PELLETS - return of Youth, Activity and Energy

Bioidentical Pellets or Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Ukraine. Hormone Pellet Therapy in the form of pellet implants can help you lose weight, restore your vitality and improve your quality of life. Bioidentical hormonal pellets will also help you return youth, activity, fit and slender body and energy.

Hormone replacement with Pellet Therapy (Pellet Therapy abroad, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy abroad) can be one effective way to replace missing hormones and help you not only lose weight but also feel healthy. Most people notice not only a significant improvement in energy and mood but also an increase in lean body mass and reduction in fat, for a healthier body composition.

Issues that can arise from hormonal imbalances include thyroid disease, fatigue, hair loss, depression, sexual dysfunction. Also this is can affect energy levels, mood and even weight. Therefore when we are experiencing a hormone imbalance, we can also experience weight gain due to lowered energy levels and increased fatty deposits. Without a proper balance of hormones, your body can go through unpleasant symptoms.

Bioidentical hormones (Bioidentical hormones abroad) designed so your body uses them in the same way it does your own hormones.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - Bioidentical hormones use plant estrogens and the molecular structure of these is, as the name implies, chemically identical to those made in your body. Bioidentical hormones designed so your body uses them in the same way it does your own hormones.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - BioTE delivers bioidentical hormones using an implanted pellet. The advantage is that no need to remember pills or apply creams. Hormone supplements deliver to your blood stream ​in a consistent and there’s no boost and crash of changing hormone levels.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - Some patients see symptom resolution in as little as one month and Hormone replacement therapy continues to be the best way to treat moderate to severe symptoms of estrogen or testosterone loss.

After the introduction of biohormonal pellets into the body, the effect will not be long in coming and you will be able to see the result after 3-4 weeks. The granules are slowly absorbed over 5-6 months, thereby continuously delivering and regulating hormone levels.

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Treatment & Examination Programs

  • Ladies Premium Diagnosis

    Diagnostic Programs
    Woman’s Health Premium
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Express Diagnosis for Women

    Diagnostic Programs
    Woman’s Health
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Men Premium Diagnosis

    Diagnostic Programs
    Man’s Health Premium
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Express Diagnosis for Men

    Diagnostic programs
    Man’s Health
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Cardiological diagnostics

    Diagnostic Programs
    Healthy heart
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Choose Your Doctor

    Check-Up and Consultations
    «Choose Your Doctor»

    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • The health of young and active

    Diagnostic Program
    «Bless you!»
    Period 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Mom’s Health

    Health Check Up For My Mother
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Father’s Health

    Health Check Up For My Father
     Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • Healthy Child

    Diagnostic Program
    Healthy Child
    Period – 1-2 days (Kiev, Ukraine)


The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Pellets for Women and Men in Ukraine

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - PASSIVE SLIMMING

Bioidentical hormonal pellets that provide a unique opportunity for passive weight loss. These capsules work precisely in cases where it is difficult enough to lose excess weight, even with physical activity and proper nutrition.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - FIGURE MODELING

The hormone somatotropin controls muscle tone, strength of joints and bones, burns fats, contributes to the preservation of youthful tissues and mental clarity. Also responsible for the elasticity of the skin, eliminates skin flabbiness and sagging.


The main function of the hormone melatonin is to maintain sleep and wakefulness, which helps to maintain youth at the cellular level and give a person an additional 10-15 years of life. Melatonin regulates the activity of the endocrine system, the brain and normalizes blood pressure.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - SEXUAL ACTIVITY

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, plays a defining role in male life experiences. It helps maintain bone density, fat distribution, sperm production, and maintains muscle mass and muscle strength.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - TREATMENT OF DIABETES TYPE 2

Bio-identical hormones can help prevent type 2 diabetes, which creates a higher risk for heart disease and strokes. With the help of the pellet that the body evenly and constantly receives the necessary dose of the hormone, and can independently control the sugar level within the normal range without therapeutic medications.

Rehabilitation in Ukraine 2 - REJUVENATION OF FACE AND BODY SKIN (Anti-Aging)

Estrogen is a female sex hormone that is responsible for regulating sexual and reproductive function, skin elasticity and youth, and hair beauty. A sufficient amount of this hormone in the body will delay the onset of menopause, which means it will prolong youth!

Progesterone is a hormone that helps balance the effects of estrogen on the skin. Progesterone is also a natural antidepressant, anti-anxiety hormone, and sleep aid. There are numerous benefits to optimal progesterone levels, which both directly and indirectly benefit the skin.

6 Reasons to Come to Ukraine for Treatment with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

  • In Ukraine there are credible medical centres that have already cured thousands of patients with Bioidentical Hormone Pellets. Also medical centers is equipped with the most knowledgeable staff and the high-tech medical equipment .
  • Ukrainian doctors are highly skilled practicians who have got academic degrees, participate in activities of international associations in medicine, conduct research wor
  • Through superior testing, data analysis and experience our doctors deliver this highly effective anti-aging therapy without serious risk. Ukrainian therapeutists help not only remove the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate the cause directly.
  • Through extensive testing and lab analysis, ukrainian doctors able to create hormones that exactly match those in the patient’s body. This allows the body to respond to the added hormones as though they were produced naturally.
  • The staff of Medinconsult Agency will assist you all the time during your journey and medical care in Ukraine in order to make your treatment pleasant, careless and comfortabl.
  • Our staff will help you find the best specialists in health care who satisfy your needs and match your individual demands.

Ukraine is one of the best counries for medical tourism, as patients achieve good quality at low prices when they decide to be treated abroad in Ukraine. We offer tours to reputable clinics, which response high international standards.
Our staff will help you find the best specialists in health care who satisfy your needs and match your individual demands.

Contact us today and find out more information at +38 097 366 1225, +38 050 811 4748. Сonsultation with doctor is FREE!

Before inserting an IMPLANT, there should be a consultation with a doctor, a complete package of examinations and analyzes, an adjustment of the dosage and the components of the pellet. In order to determine the correct dose of the drug, we offer DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAMS that will determine your health condition and help you find the right key to solving your problems.

Timely Diagnosis is the Key to Successful Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment abroad. Visits to the doctor often do not give the desired result. That’s why there are diagnostic methods capable of screening the body in the shortest time and display the full picture of a patien’s health state. After setting the diagnosis you can immediately get to the stage of treatment.

Diagnostics is the most important stage in the treatment of any disease, but sometimes identifying the causes of the disease may turn out time-consuming and costy. But not with Medinconsult medical services provider. With our help you will do diagnostics of any level of complexity. We provide only top-quality services and cooperate with reputable clinics in Ukraine.

Our center for Diagnostic Medicine is an international standard of medical care. The objective of Center for Diagnostic Medicine is to provide top-quality medical services conducted in strict accordance with national and European protocols.

Our specialists offer their clients modern laboratory diagnostics, examination in the diagnostic department of SIEMENS and a wide range of clinical services for adults and children.

Ultrasound diagnostics with the ability to create three-dimensional models of organs, 40-slice computed tomography, mammography and digital biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopy and X-ray examinations are performed here.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic programs and Full Body Health Care Checkup Packages!

After the first treatment, you will receive a discount card of our Agency with a discount for the subsequent any type of treatment in Ukraine.

Modern effective diagnostic technologies allow to predict the manifestation of the development of a disease in a healthy person, thereby offering him a number of rehabilitation programs, as well as delay or prevent the development of the disease.

Treatment of patients must be preceded by objective and timely diagnosis.
The results of laboratory, radiological and other research methods form the basis for the development of treatment regimens.
Treatment is appointed based on the personal characteristics of each patient, because doctors with many years of medical experience know how the age, physical condition, the presence of concomitant diseases affect the treatment of the basic disease.


  • Diagnostic medical centers of Ukraine are formed in accordance with the world standards of medical care and are equipped with the technologies of the latest generation
  • Provision of high quality medical services, conducted in strict accordance with national and European protocols
  • Accuracy of clinical and diagnostic studies
  • Rich experience of practicing doctors
  • Comfortable stay in a medical institution
  • The low cost of medical services

Medinconsult Agency is a dedicated team of highly-qualified staff working within medical tourism in Ukraine and providing all-inclusive assistance to foreigners in receiving top quality medical care at local clinics

The mission of Medinconsult Agency is to protect and improve a patient’s health, as well as boost the quality of services provided at a reasonable price with the maximum level of comfort


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Our company has been cooperating with only reputable diagnostic centres in Ukraine with enough experience and successful practice, that are in the top of best medical centers in Europe.

We offer affordable prices in Europe and competitive quality of services!


The price range displayed in the tables shows maximum costs for diagnostics in Ukraine comparing to the minimum prices for similar options within other countries.

MRI (Full Body Screening)






Medinconsult is a safe travel organizer for medical services in Ukraine.Medical Diagnosis in Ukraine

When ordering healthcare you also get excursion programs and shopping trips as a gift. In addition to the treatment, you can visit beauty salons with magnificent interiors and a high level of service, where you will be offered drinks and entertainment during the beauty procedures. We will prepare you and your family a photo album or a video from Ukraine – in them we will highlight your lovely feelings and impressions during your stay here!

Also, you do not need to think about how to get from the airport to the clinic and book hotel rooms – we will do it for you. Mobile communications in Ukraine and services of an interpreter assistant are provided.