Tour Arrangement

We offer treatment all year round. We arrange your tour for medical purpose on the turn-key basis. We help to find a clinic, book a flight, book a hotel.

Accompanying Interpreter

You will feel comfortable speaking your native language. Our interpreter will accompany you during the whole stay in Ukraine: meet you at the airport, accompany you to the clinic, help understand a doctor.


While having treatment in Kiev, Ukraine, you will also have fun to visit the most exciting cultural places. We will guide you with a great pleasure and make your trip unforgettable!

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance is included to your medical tour – our lawyers would help you in any complicated situation and protect your rights.


Exclusive services for FREE

Transfer and skype-consultations with a treating doctor, mobile communication in Ukraine and city tours/shopping

Discount programs

We helps you get a discount at any clinic in Ukraine

After the first treatment, you will receive a discount card of our Agency with a 3% discount for the subsequent any type of treatment in Ukraine


We have a impeccable reputation among clinics
Medinconsult Agency does not charge the patient for treatment

Why Ukraine?


Ukraine is one of the leading countries capable to assure and administer qualified medical services as well as provide high standards of maintaining a medical process. Every year 150 000 medical tourists from Western Europe, Asia and America are treated in Ukraine.

Advantages of treatment and health improvement in Ukraine:

  • low prices
  • quick service
  • highly qualified and experienced doctors
  • a convenient service schedule

Most medical institutions are internationally accredited.

Ukraine is increasing in popularity for offering high quality care at a reasonable price.

Treatment schedule includes the following

client's application and Initial consultation

At the moment your request is received, it will be processed as soon as possible, and we will contact you immediately (by e-mail, telephone).

Choice of clinic and medical treatment program

We will help you find a clinic, agree on treatment dates and conditions. We are working with the leading Ukrainian specialists in order to offer the best treatment abroad (treatment overseas) and health improvement.

Booking an appointment

We will coordinate with you the tour program. We will book and provide a convenient meeting with the doctor.

Meeting at the airport, Hotel check-in, Accompanying Interpreter

We meet you at the airport and book a hotel according to your budget. Our interpreter will accompany you during the whole stay.

Transfer to the clinic and Medical treatment

The patient care will be performed according to an individual program, with a maximum level of comfort and a high quality of the services, taking into account the patient’s wishes. Also you do not need to think about how get to the clinic – we will do it for you.

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance is included in your medical tour – our lawyers assist help in any complicated situation and protect your rigths.

Tourist services

While having treatment in Kiev, Ukraine, you will also have fun to visit the most exciting cultural places, theatres, museums. We will guide you with pleasure and make your trip unforgettable.

Airport transfer and medical support after treatment

We will give you a transfer to the airport and provide medical support after treatment in Ukraine.

Medical trips

Мedical tourism News


About 120 clinics in different regions of Ukraine receive foreign patients and the majority most come for infertility treatment. The leaders in receiving foreign patients in Ukraine are reproductive clinics. Also the most attractive for foreign patients in Ukraine are plastic surgery, dentistry, sanatorium-resort treatment, reproductive technologies, rehabilitation, treatment of ophthalmologic diseases, heart surgery and
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Breakthrough in Medicine: Ukrainian Doctors Have Learned to Cure Epilepsy

A real breakthrough occurred within the Ukrainian neurosurgery. In particular, we are talking about the treatment of epilepsy. As PROMAN Ukraine reports, this was declared by the famous Kiev neurosurgeon Igor Kurilets. “Earlier epilepsy was equated with mental illness and was in the competence of psychiatrists. Nowadays, the approach to the disease has changed significantly: epilepsy
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The British are Going Abroad for Medical Reasons

As the Telegraph informs, in 2017 the number of people flying out of the UK for medical treatment overseas has tripled – it is about 144,000 patients per year. The main reason for that state of affairs is lengthening waiting times for medical treatment in Great Britain. Experts say that there are more than 409,000
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